May 16, 2019

Docker Cheetsheet

Creating and Running container from a Image

Command : docker run

docker run hello-world

Override default command

Command : docker run command

docker run busybox echo hi there
docker run busybox ls

Listing Running Containers

Command : docker ps

docker run busybox ping
docker ps
docker ps --all  //List all containers ever created

Docker Lifecycle

Command docker run

       docker create  <image name>
       docker start   <container id>
       docker start -a <container id>  -a to display the console log

Docker Restaring

Command : docker ps –all

         docker start -a <container id from ps command>

Removing Stopped Containers

Command : docker system prune

Retrieving Log outputs

Command : docker logs // if you have not started using docker start -a

Stopping Containers

Command : docker stop – SIGTERM (die gracefully) – Listen to Stop command in code – 10 Seconds to Shutdown – After 10 seconds its KILL

         docker kill <container id>   - SIGKILL - Die immediately  

Multi Command Containers – Execute a second command inside a runinng container

Command : docker run redis

       docker exec -it <container id> <command>   // -it enter using keyborad and send it to container
       dcoker exec -it <id> redis-cli

Using docker -it flag

Command : docker exec -i redis-cli

         docker exec -t <container id> redis-cli

Getting Command Prompt in Running Container

Command : docker exec -it sh – CTRL C or CTRL D to exit or type exit

Starting a Shell using docker run

Command : docker run -it busybox sh – Start and run sh and attached to STDIN and STDOUT

Building docker images

Command : docker build . (where Docker file is present) – Returns the image id of docker then use docker run

Tagging Docker image

Command : docker build -t /:latest .

Mannual Image Creation

Command : docker run -it apline sh

         apk add --update redis
New Terminal
    docker ps
    docker committ -c  'CMD ["redis-server"]'  <container id>
    docker run  <container id>

Port Forwarding

Command : docker run -p 8080:8080 /

Docker Building using Custom File Name

Command : docker build -f .

Docker Volumes – Add Files to Docker runtime


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