April 24, 2019

Professional Reputation You Should Carry

Reputation isn’t just about what you don’t do. In fact, if you’re not making mistakes (within reason) you’re probably not doing anything worthwhile.

Reputation is about taking chances to make your mark on the world. It comes in many flavors, this list just scratches the surface:

Formal power derived from the positions you hold.

Specific things that you’ve achieved.

Measured Results
Accomplishments tend to have more sway when you can measure them.

Your creative accomplishments.

Your demonstrated ability to quickly grasp the complex.

Emotional Intelligence
The ability to understand and use emotions to achieve results.

The collective weight of your professional and personal experience.

Your education, professional certifications, awards, distinctions, etc.

A combination of trustworthiness and expertise.

Your social or professional influence.

Your reputation as a generally likable person.

Your personality shrines through.

Professional Habits
You’ll earn respect with professional habits such as being on time for meetings and meeting deadlines.

Resilience in the face of adversity will earn you respect.

Caring about goals enough to make sacrifices to achieve them.

Public Speaking
The ability to wow an audience is priceless.

Your reputation as a influencer, motivator and decision maker.

Community Involvement
Getting involved in special projects in your office and in the community tend to be good for your reputation.

Are you completely focused on yourself or do you give back to the community?

A solid set of professional ethics and the discipline to stick to them.

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