The Unofficial Google Text-To-Speech API

Do you want to create your own Text-To-Speech convertor? Well, you may want to directly use Google “Unofficial” API to convert Text to Speech.

Google Translate had announced few weeks back some new enhancements. Where a new feature was added that can convert the text into speech.

Now the hack is, you can use the same feature to convert your own text into speech and generate a mp3 out of it. All you have to do it to construct a URL and hit it from browser. For example, if I want to convert text “Hello World” in speech, I will write following url in browser.

And that’s it. This will generate an MP3 file which you can download and play.

You may want to create a small HTML form to convert text to speech. All you need is to copy following code and create a HTML file in your machine. And run it using any browser.


Currently, This “Unofficial” API is limited to 100 characters only. Also I am not till when google will support this API.

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